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Genetics: The White x ERB
Flower: CBGa – 11.184%
Delta 9 THC – < LOQ
Total Cannabinoids- 12.524%

Description: CBG White is an indica-hybrid strain of hemp that is highest in the cannabinoid CBG. It has a light, sweet, earthy, chamomile scent and taste to it but is not overpowering like other strains. It is completely covered in white trichomes that give it the presence of being rolled in a bag of sugar! CBG is best known to aid in inflammation, anxiety, and a host of other ailments. It gives a relaxed, content, laid back feeling.

Our flower is cared for by hand from seed to finished flower. All our flower is slow dried and cured here on our farm. It is third party lab tested. We do not ever use pesticides or herbicides on our farm.

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6 reviews for CBG White – Seedless

  1. Jason (store manager)

    Would highly recommend Great product and fast shipping

  2. David (store manager)

    Excellent product. I’ve been looking for quality, organic CBG in it’s raw form to couple with my daily CBD. It seems to enhance the efficiency of the CBD & has its own great anti-inflammatory & relaxation properties. I use a Volcano vaporizer, so I don’t waste anything as not only do I get the toke benefit, I consume the spent herb with ginger tea afterwords. If you have chronic pain and accompanied inflammation issues, I highly recommend this product. Also packaged great & with a personal touch. I’m waiting for the stimulus so I can put a pre-order in for the fall harvest.

  3. evanjb8 (store manager)

    Awesome product, very delicious earthy flavor . It is a very enjoyable experience and goes great mixed with cbd dominant flower. Will definitely be ordering more soon this company only has the best .

  4. Marley Korns (store manager)

    Since this CBG is what I bought the most of, {1/2 ounce} I’m leaving my review about it 1st..
    The positives are, I couldn’t get the tracking number to work so I left a message asking for help to track it and the owner of the company,Nicole got right back with me within seconds!
    That was a very nice surprise and I appreciated that so much.
    I told her what I was having difficulty with and she tracked it right away for me all while, being on point with her professionalism.
    This is my first time ordering from this company and because Nicole was soooo awesome I will be ordering again.
    I’m quite familiar with CBG, I know that it can be more dry than CBD
    I ordered a half ounce because I suffer greatly with chronic body pain and inflammation..
    I couldn’t wait to get it.
    I was very disappointed when I did.
    To call this white CBG and say “that it is covered in trichomes that look like it’s been rolled in a bag of sugar” is 100% the opposite of what I received.
    I poured all of it out on my tray and no white trichomes, no sugar of any kind whatsoever.
    I took a picture of it, I’m just not sure how to upload it.
    The 3 previous reviews on this weight CBG were all positive and another reason why I ordered it.
    Perhaps, I was sent a really old bag..
    I don’t know.

  5. Brandon B. (store manager)

    This CBG flower is really amazing most are very dry and flaky this is super moist and fresh it’s got some very smooth smoke and a really nice cure Def gonna be buying more

  6. Brandon Brown (store manager)

    Just got another bag of it the CBG is very consistent it has big white tricombs almost looks like it’s covered in kief it has some thick dark brown hairs and the smoke is smooth plus the bugs weighed exactly what I paid for it was over by .2 so that’s always a plus lol if u haven’t tried you should it’s very nice flower super fresh and potent.

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